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Ranganna : Classes

Classes are held on weekday mornings in KLEAR from September until May. KLEAR is an adult education centre in Kilbarrack (beside DART line). Students currently also have an option to join online.

There are classes suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. If you're not sure which level would suit you best, give Honor a call on (01) 853 0437. Click here for a full timetable.

Bunrang : Beginners

Bunrang is suitable for learners with very little or no Irish. Vocabulary and spoken practice are introduced gradually to build up confidence. This is a great class to meet people and learn in a very relaxed setting, and is very popular among parents and grandparents, who want to speak more Irish with their children and connect with other parents and grandparents.

Meanrang : Intermediate

Have you ever felt: "I have loads of Irish in my head but I just can't express it?" Then Meánrang is for you! Confidence is what you need and confidence is what you'll get in the Meánrang: Meánrang is designed for those who are looking to build on some existing knowledge or who are ready for a further challenge after Bunrang. It is particularly popular among those who learnt Irish in school but haven't used it much since. Bí linn!

Ardrang : Advanced

Tá an tArdrang dírithe ar dhaoine a bhfuil taithí acu ar an teanga agus atá ag iarraidh í a chleachtadh agus a bhfuil dúshlán breise ag teastáil uathu. Maraon leis na ranganna eile níl aon strus san Ardrang; pléitear cúrsaí reatha(saghas Liveline as Gaeilge: talk to Honor!) agus dírítear ar stór focal agus ar phointí gramadaí de réir mar a thagann siad chun cinn. 

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